Checklist of Common OCD Symptoms

Y-BOCS Checklist

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Obsessions: Unwanted Thoughts, Fears, and Recurring Worries
Current Past
Aggressive/Harming Obsessions
Fear might harm self
Fear might harm others
Violent or horrific images
Fear of blurting out obscenities or insults
Fear of doing something else embarrassing
Fear will act on unwanted impulses (e.g., to stab friend)
Fear will steal things
Fear will harm others because not careful enough (e.g., accidentally running over someone with car)
Fear of being responsible for something else terrible happening (e.g., fire, burglary)
Other worries about causing harm
Current Past
Contamination Obsessions
Concerns or disgust with bodily waste or secretions (e.g., urine, feces, saliva)
Concern with dirt or germs
Excessive concern with of environmental contaminants (e.g., asbestos, radiation, toxic waste)
Excessive concern with household items (e.g., cleansers, solvents)
Excessive concern animals (e.g., insects)
Bothered by sticky substances or residues
Concerned will get ill because of contaminant
Concerned will get others ill by spreading contamination
No concern with consequences of contamination other than how it might feel
Other contamination worries
Current Past
Sexual Obsessions
Forbidden or unacceptable sexual thoughts/images/impulses
Sexual worries about children or incest
Sexual worries involving homosexuality (i.e., becoming gay)
Inappropriate or aggressive sexual behavior toward others
Other sexual worries
Current Past
Hoarding/Saving Obsessions
Hoarding or saving worries (not hobbies or concern with objects with monetary or sentimental value)
Fears of mistakenly discarding important things along with unimportant items
Current Past
Moral or Religious Obsessions (Scrupulosity)
Excessive concern with sacrilege or blasphemy (offending God)
Excessive concern with right/wrong, morality
Other concern about morality or religion
Current Past
Obsessions with Need for Symmetry or Exactness
Accompanied by magical thinking (e.g., concerned that mother will have accident unless things are in the right place).
Not accompanied by magical thinking (just feels uncomfortable)
Current Past
Somatic Obsessions
Concern with illness or disease
Excessive concern with body part or aspect of appearance (not including weight)
Other body related obsessions
Current Past
Miscellaneous Obsessions
Need to know or remember
Fear of saying certain things or words
Fear of not saying just the right thing
Fear of losing things
Intrusive non-violent images
Intrusive nonsense sounds, words, or music
Bothered by certain sounds/noises, more than other people
Lucky/unlucky numbers
Colors with special significance
Superstitious fears
Other worry or fear not listed
Compulsions: Repetitive Behaviors and Rituals
Current Past
Cleaning/Washing Compulsions
Excessive or ritualized handwashing
Excessive or ritualized showering, bathing, tooth brushing, grooming, or toilet routine
Excessive cleaning of household items or other inanimate objects
Other measures to prevent or remove contact with contaminants
Other cleaning riutal not listed
Current Past
Checking Compulsions
Checking locks, stoves, appliances, etc.
Checking that did/will not harm others
Checking that did/will not harm self
Checking that nothing terrible did/will happen
Checking that did not make mistakes
Checking body for signs of unwellness or unwanted symptoms
Other chekcing not listed
Current Past
Repeating Rituals
Re-reading or re-writing
Need to repeat routine activities (in/out door, up/down chair)
Other repeating ritual not listed
Current Past
Counting Compulsions
Counting Compulsions
Current Past
Ordering/Arranging Compulsions
Compulsive ordering or arranging
Current Past
Hoarding Collecting Compulsions
Compulsive hoarding or collecting or shopping (e.g., piles up old newspapers, sorts through garbage, collects free thing)
Current Past
Mental Compulsions
Special words, images, numbers, repeated mentally to neutralize something bad (e.g., lucky numbers)
Special prayers (short and long) silently repeated in a set manner (e.g. God is good)
Mental counting
Mentally listmaking
Mental reviewing (e.g., reviewing conversations)
Other mental compulsion
Current Past
Miscellaneous Compulsions
Excessive listmaking (writing or verbalizing aloud)
Urges to ask, tell, or confess (including reassurance)
Urges to touch, tap, or rub
Rituals involving blinking or staring
Other measures (not checking) to prevent harm to self or others, or to prevent terrible consequences
Ritualized eating behaviors
Superstitious behaviors
Trichotillomania (hair pulling)
Other self-damaging or self-mutilating behaviors (i.e., skin picking)
Other compulsion or ritual not listed


Source: Goodman, W.K., Price, L.H., Rasmussen, S.A. et al. "The Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale." Arch Gen Psychiatry 46:1006-1011,1989